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             As the preeminent provider of water & wastewater treatment systems and services, “ENVIRE SYSTEM” proffers single-source solutions   to all your water needs. We treat the wastewater generated from municipal and industrial processes for disposal or recycle it for reuse ( in some cases ).

            Our efficient technologies, competent engineering and design capabilities, and over 18-year experience & more than 100 customers guarantee that we have versatility to cope with wastewater for every industry, for every process, at every stage, all the way from the municipal or industrial plant to the final point of discharge.


           We have developed our own design system such as UASB , Biological Anaerobic / Aerobic treatment , Inclined Plate Clarifier , Denitrification/Nitrification Aeration System , Chemical Coagulation , Precipitation , and the treatment method for many kind of industry.


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